Noisy Neighborhood

A Noisy Neighborhood is one of the major problems for human health. A dog barking, neighbors moving furniture when they should not or a baby crying during your sleeping are some of the most common issues that do not allow us to get a proper sleep or being more efficient working from home. This library tries to cover that.

  • Even though there is some sparse traffic, this library’s intention is to cover all those undesirable noises present in a residential area. These recordingds will help you set the mood of the scene.
  • You will find lots of small constructions and DIY happening both outside in the street or coming from behind your wall.
  • Classical situations that will change your mood as soon as you hear them such as dogs barking either next door or from a backyard, a TV just too loud when it should be quiet, upstairs neighbors wearing high heels, a lawnmower running when is nap time, etc.
  • 7 recordings are Ambisonics. The corresponding stereo downmix is also included.
  • Files come in 24 bit and 96 kHz with embedded Soundminer metadata.
  • UCS Compatible Metadata embedded. Fields included CatID, Category, Subcategory, FX Name, Filename, Description, BWDescription, Library, RecType, Microphone, Designer, Manufacturer, Keywords.

Product details

Number of Files: 55 High Quality WAVS

Size Unpacked: 8.8 GB

Sample Rate: 96 kHz / 24 bit

Total Duration: Approx. 255 minutes

Other Info: Embedded Soundminer and BWAV Metadata

License type: Single user, royalty-free. For a multi-user license, please contact us.

Noisy Neighborhood – Spreadsheet

Keywords included:

Residential, Suburban, Construction, Neighbor, Neighborhood, City Life, Dog, Backyard, Terrace, Balcony, Garden, Street, Labourer, Household, Drilling, Hammering, Pounding, Lawnmower, Television, Noise Pollution, Mood, Grumpiness.