Cicadas is a collection of summer ambiences recorded in Southern Spain over the course of 2018 summer. You will get massive chorus in different densities and areas, individual chirps, and a designed section.

  • The temperatures during this time of the year are so high, ranging from 30ºC to 45ºC (86ºF to 113ºF), that cicadas are always present in daytime. The higher the temperatures, the more cicadas chirp. Having this in mind, some recordings from early June have less cicadas than the ones recorded in July and August. In addition to this, there are recordings both in the morning, where the cicadas are not so many but are already present, and in the evening, chirping all of them as a chorus after a whole day under the sun.
  • Cicadas in the countryside, recorded in different months and times of the day. Some recordings only contains cicadas and some others also include birds, dogs barking, flies buzzing and rooster calls (26 audio files).
  • Close ups of single cicadas, to build your own atmosphere or design insects, creatures and other specimens (17 audio files).
  • Cicadas in urban environments, such as parks (16 audio files) and residential areas (8 files).
  • Ambisonics recordings, also decoded into binaural by using Harpex-X (20 files).
  • Designed Section: includes abstract ambiences, futuristic alarms, glitches, flybys, flapping of winds, flock of birds, individual birds, frogs, and much more (71 files).
  • Descriptive markers that highlight interesting events in an otherwise featureless waveform. These markers can be read in programs such as Izotope RX, Reaper and Soundminer.
  • All files come in 96 kHz / 24 bit and with Soundminer embedded metadata.
  • Featuring more than 250 minutes of cicadas recordings plus65 minutes from the Designed Section.
  • Gear Used: Sennheiser Ambeo, Sennheiser 416, Sony D100, Clippy Stereo Primo EM172, Zoom F8.
  • UCS compliant metadata. Fields included CatID, Category, Subcategory, FX Name, Filename, Description, BWDescription, Library, RecType, RecMedium, Microphone, Designer, Manufacturer, Keywords, VendorCategory.
  • Want to know more? Recording Cicadas: Tips and Tricks

Product details

Number of Files: 140 High Quality WAVS

Size Unpacked: 13.55 GB

Sample Rate: 96 kHz / 24 bit

Total Duration: 315 minutes

Other Info: Embedded Soundminer and BWAV Metadata

License type: Single user, royalty-free. For a multi-user license, please contact us.

Cicadas – Spreadsheet

Keywords included:

Cicada, Insect, Cricket, Summer, Countryside, Meadow, Prairie, Forest, Residential, Park, Nature, City, Urban, Ambience, Buzz, Chirp.